Friday, August 2, 2013

Fake it Fridays #5:Make Your Own Custom Washi Like Tape.

Hi everyone.  Welcome to another Fake It Friday!.  Today I am going to show you how to make your own custom washi tape (sort of).  Ok, this is made with regular masking tape, it tears easily so it is pretty close to the real thing.  To make your own decorative a.k.a washi tape you will need:
Masking or painter's tape (any width will do)  some rubber stamps(optional) and ink.  I like to use a black dye ink such as Memento. You will also need a waxy type paper base to temporarily hold the tape in place.  I save the sheets of sticker backing just for this purpose.  Also, something to colour with, copics and Sharpies work great.

Stick a piece, as long as you want, onto the non sticky waxy paper.  (I like to cut a 12" +, in case I want to use it on a scrapbook layout).

Ink up some stamps and stamp away on the tape.  Let it dry completely.  Test with your finger to make sure the stamped image is completely dry.  Colour in the design if you wish.

note: in the sample above I used the new Holidays 2013 stamp with the string of lights from Get Inky! stamps for Blue Moon Creation. 

You can also forego the stamping part and just doodle on the tape with inks.

To store your tapes you can keep them on the sheet and store in a file or plastic page protector.  I also have stored my homemade tapes onto empty rolls of tape (plastic) and empty spools for thread, I like to recycle.

note: I used random stamps from my kids toy box here

I hope you enjoyed this and are inspired to go and make something of your own.  Thanks for viewing.
By the way I love comments from my viewers (the comment linky can be finicky if you came here from another site, blogger has issues, sorry)  and if you want to keep up with my latest projects just let me know in one of the boxes in the side bar.


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Sage said...

Super idea! I will be trying with blue and red painters tape I have, plus I am a rubber stamp freak. Can't wait to make dogs and cats and flowers and, and, and Thank You for the FUN idea! Neat idea to let the kids make their own design tapes and make cards with the washi like tape!