Monday, August 26, 2013

Mixed Media Monday: Flower from my Garden cards

It's Mixed Media Monday time once again. Here and at the All That Stickles Blog where there is still the Great Outdoors and Nature Linky Party happening.  For this week I am sharing one part of a multi part project I am working on.  Here is one of the cards I made for the said project.

For the project one needs:
A pre folded card (or make one from plain card stock)
A sheet of water colour paper larger than the card.(Canson)
Gelatos; pinks, blues, mauves (Faber Castell)
Pitt pens: red, blue(Faber Castell)
Stamps (I used the clear acrylic stamps that came with the gelato sets) and acrylic block(s)
Double sided tape(3M)
Ribbons (long enough to place width wise on card)
Dried flower (this one came from my garden)
Lavender Stickles (Ranger)
Modge Podge
A sponge
A scrap of white card stock
A stamp with a sentiment (this one is from Michaels) 
A large circle punch (Recollections)
A tag punch (Stampin' Up!)
A spray bottle filled with water

1. Spritz the watercolour paper with the water, just so it is wet but not soggy.
2. Randomly add spots of colour with the gelatos directly to the wet paper.  Spritz more water and with your hand or hands get messy and cover the paper with colour.  You can also use a brush and more water.
3. Be patient, or not and use a heat gun or hair dryer to dry this background.
4. Prepare your stamp(s), and colour it or them with the Pitt Pens.
5. Stamp randomly or in a pattern.  I also made ghost images from the same stamps by misting the stamps with water after the initial stamping was made and stamped again.
6.On a piece of white card stock, stamp using the sentiment stamp coloured with a Pitt Pen.
7. Once everything is dry, measure and cut the watercolour background to fit the front of the card.
8. Using a large circle punch or an exacto and mat and a glass, cut out a large circle opening close to the edge of the background panel.  
9.  Temporarily place the watercolour paper over the card base and use it as a stencil to mark and colour in with a Pitt Pen the inner circle on the face of the pre folded card.
10. Using a Pitt Pen flick or blow on the end to make tiny splatters of colour onto the circle .  Using Modge Podge and your finger delicately glue down the flower.  Go over the whole (blue) circle with flower with a sponge and some more Modge Podge (do this delicately)  This should leave behind some bubbles that will imitate rain drops.
11. Let dry, meanwhile adhere the ribbon(s) to the front of the water colour panel with double sided tape or any adhesive.
12. Punch out the sentiment with a tag punch or cut with scissors, ink up the sides of the tag with a Pitt Pen.  Glue tag over ribbon.
13. Glue down watercolour panel to the front of the card making sure the blue circle lines up with the opening.
14.  As a final touch use some Stickles (glitter glue) in a complimentary colour to bling up one side of the circle window.






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