Wednesday, August 14, 2013

WOYWW August 14 2013

*****If you are here and wondering what happened to my woyww post for August 21, it is further, sorry for the misdirection.*******

Another Wednesday, another picture of the creative process of my mind.  Lots more interesting pictures and neat blogs to discover along the way too.  I enjoy this concept of show and tell every Wednesday I find it to be enticing me to make sure I am creating something, anything because I have to have something to show on Wednesdays!  But what I really enjoy is seeing what others are up to and how they set up their spaces. Thanks to Julia over at

Here is my production site:

I added the foggy vignette to make it look romantic!  Lol.

In the forefront is my breakfast in a glass and to its left is a converted Scrabble board game box lid converted into a tray (a DIY project that a pre schooler could pull off). Going counter clock wise now, a book on North American Birds to serve as a guide so I get the colours close to real on my project, my basket of ever so precious golden acrylic and fluid paints, a sketch book that I clean my paint brushes on, a stamped bird on newsprint, the project I am working on for next week's Mixed Media Monday at the All That Stickles blog, a crop-a-dile and hammer, a DIY fabric thread bin catcher, scissors and scraps of raw canvas.

In the background (upper right corner) is another project drying waiting to be photographed and uploaded to my blog for the weekend's blog hop, again with All That Stickles.  It is sitting on my drawing table that is laying flat at the moment.  That table is surrounded by lots of drawing and colouring supplies.  Beside that is a dresser from my younger years full of various supplies and with more supplies on top, next to a rolling drawer tower that holds my steel dies.  Finally, that table just beyond my hammer is my die cutting station where I have another cardboard lid thing working as a holding tray for another group of projects.

I apologize for not taking the time to edit my writing this morning, but I have quite a lot to get back to.

I hope to find some time later to go visit the other WOYWW's.

I hope you enjoyed.  Thanks for stopping by.

ps. I have given up on trying to fix the comment box situation, I have been frustratingly defeated in my battle with; Blogger, google, and Facebook,  So do your best to leave me a comment below or in an email.

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