Monday, March 7, 2016

Doing Laundry Just got Better

How about spending less time doing laundry?  And, Bonus, you get some extra money to devote to the more fun things in life like crafting and supplies!!

Ok, so I was sent these Dryer Balls for FREE by the company Timber Wool  through  I always wanted to try using these wool balls to see if they would work in my dryer.  Well, they do!

So what are these balls?  They are these dense balls of 100% wool that you toss into the dryer with your wet or damp laundry, and they reduce the amount of time it takes clothing to dry.  The  Dryer Balls bounce around and separate the laundry so more air gets in. The wool balls also soften the clothes, so there is no need to use those disposable (non-reusable) and pricey dryer sheets.  No need for fabric softener either.  We did over six large loads this past weekend (and they were colossal) and tried out the Dryer balls.  All the basket took less time than usual to dry, the clothes came out soft, and there was no static.  I was happy.  I honestly still don't look forward to doing laundry, but I do love the idea of saving money on energy costs, and dryer sheets, as well as a fabric softener!  Cause I don't need the last two anymore!

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