Friday, March 25, 2016

How to make Heat Proof yet Hot Looking Tavel Pouches

Make your own curling iron travel pouches to keep the contents of your suitcase damaged free whenever you travel.

Use nonfraying easy to cut and sew fun and fabulous NEW Metallic Oly-Fun fabrics by Fairfield.

Create these with or without a pattern; it's that easy!  If you wish to use a pattern, I know of this one from McCall's (6838) from years ago.  I am not sure if it is still available.

If you wish to make your reusable pattern or template here is what you can do.

                    Tip:  Use  Repositionable double sided adhesive (Tombow) instead of pins

Measure the length of your curling iron add a couple of inches or 6 cm.  Measure the width inserting the wrapped cord into the measurement.  Add a  couple of inches or 6 cm again to the measurement.  Cut a rectangle out of paper or cardboard.  Make rounded bottom corners by using a round object such as a small plate or lid and a pencil.

Use your pattern by laying it over your chosen piece of fabric.  I worked with pieces that were approximately 12 inches square (30cm).

To create pockets use the same pattern as a guide and cut one or two more pieces, but slightly shorter in height.

Stack the layers of fabric, fold along the length and stitch a seam beginning from the top corner, down the side around the corner and to the fold.

You may also choose to add seam binding to the top edge to add a small loop handle and to finish off the edge.

Note:  the fabric I used does have some heat resistant qualities but like most materials it can melt.  Always use caution when storing your curling iron, make sure to unplug it and let it cool down enough, so it is safe to handle and store.

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Fabrics provided free of charge by Fairfield
Other materials:
 thread (my own)
Seam binding (Wright's) also my own
Repositionable Double Sided Adhesive from Tombow (as part of the Tombow Brand Ambassador program)

** This project has been entered int the Fave Crafts  Best Blogger Craft 2016 Contest.**  Here is the link to vote for one of my four entries (Ann Koeman)

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