Wednesday, March 30, 2016

How To Print in The Round

How would you like a way to make some lovely round prints and use up some unneeded items from around your house?  Yes, it's possible for the project I am sharing with you today as part of the Gel Press Blog Hop.
Thank you for joining our first Gel Press Blog Hop!  We will have a challenge every month!  Giving you the opportunity to play along AND win a Gel Press for yourself!  This month you can win an 8" Round Gel Press Plate!

Enter by going to all of the blogs and leave comments.  Leave a comment on the Gel Press Blog telling us your favorite project.  You can comment between now and April 7,  2016.  The winner will be announced on the Gel Press Junkies on Facebook, and the Gel Press product page April 8, 2016.  You will have the 8 inch Round Gel Press to make a project to play along with our Earth Day Designs, April 22.  Enjoy the process and good luck!

So, here is what I do when I find a stack of coffee machine filters for an appliance that we no longer own, and a bunch of nearly empty bottles and pots of kids paints.  I make large Gel Press Prints.

By using the 8 inch round Gel Press Reusable Gel Printing Plate I have the perfect sized plate for using up those useless coffee filters!  Win!  Note that coffee filters made of fragile paper meant to allow water through, and it is a pretty sturdy paper.  The filters have a lot of creases which leads to some fascinating prints.  The thinness of the paper also makes for quick drying times.

I gathered up several of these many children's paints from many different sources.  There were acrylics, watercolors, and poster or gouache paints.  They are all safe to use with the Gel Press Plate.

I scooped or poured different colors on the Gel Press Gel Plate and used a brayer to spread the [aint.  I then made marks with a variety of household items, such as corrugated cardboard, bottle caps, bubble wrap, doilies, and office supplies.  For more fun I even used some children's art brushes.

I made a total of 36 prints.  I now have three dozen round backgrounds ready to be used as is or decorated.  I can use this in collage, art journals, and a lot of mixed media.
I intend on posting my projects in the future here on this blog and perhaps on YouTube.

8 inch Round Gel Press Reusable Gel Printing Plate
Coffe Filters
Miscellaneous water-based children's non-toxic paints
Items from around the house

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