Tuesday, March 8, 2016

How To Use Those Coloring Pages in Projects#1

How do you use those lovely coloring pages you make?  Do you leave them in their book?  Or Are you wondering what to do with all those great pages now that you have colored them?  Well, I am looking for and finding different ways to take those small pieces of art I make and use them in other projects.  After all the time I am spending on making those sketches pretty I don't want my work to stay hidden.  I am enjoying coloring the pages of my Leisure Arts Book(s), with my Tombow Recycled Colored Pencils, and want to do something else with my works afterward.

So here is one way I am repurposing some of my adult colored pages.  I make envelopes.  Not just any envelope too!  I made a sturdy water-repellent container useful over and over again.  I made this particular one just to hold some relevant medical documents that I need to carry in my bag and have handy all the time.  There is information in those papers that just don't fit on those small medical emergency cards or a medical ID bracelet.  However, I found myself having to dispose of and replace my old regular envelopes periodically.  Now, I am hoping that this envelope will be able to last a long time, and keep those papers safe.

I started with a plain business size envelope available where office supplies are.  I opened up the envelope.

I made photocopies of my original colored page (Art of Coloring Animals by Leisure Arts), so I would have enough paper for my project.  I also want to be able to use the same Design in other projects.

I brushed on a generous coat of glue-sealer-finish (DecouPage) onto the envelope and the photocopies (back side).  I adhered the envelope to the papers and let that dry.

Once the papers were dry, I trimmed the excess around the edges of the envelope.  I then brushed on another coat of sealer onto what is the inside of the envelope.  I let that dry as well.

Once everything was dry, I proceeded to assemble the envelope back.  I just followed the grooves from the white envelope to create the folds and used a bone folder to make each fold crisp.  I adhered the envelope sides with my Tombow Stamp Runner Dot Adhesive.

To make a durable and reusable closure for this envelope I chose to use some thin craft magnets which I glued onto the envelope flap and back with more adhesive by Tombow( Tombow Mono Multi Liquid Glue).

Note:  I made labels with my DYMO Letratag® (my own)

Products Used:

One white business size envelope (already in my stash)
Leisure Arts Art of Coloring Animals Book (given to me Free by Leisure Arts)
Tombow Mono Multi Liquid Glue (my own)
Tombow Stamp Runner Dot Adhesive (provided by Tombow as per The Tombow Pro Brand Ambassador Program) available: www.Tombowusa.com
Tombow Recycled Color Pencils (My own)
DecouPage by Deco Arts Glue Sealer Finish (Helping Artists Program)

** note some of the products used in this project were given to me by companies free of charge

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