Friday, March 11, 2016

How To Make Prompt Cards

Learn how to generate ideas and great works of art by using some Gel Press prints and some old business cards.

How do you like staring at that blank page in your journal?  Are you terrified of a white canvas?  Does your head feel all dizzy when you have the time to create something but have such brain fog that you go into a creative rut?  Well, I have been afflicted by all of those myself, and one way  I found to fight the block is by having prompts.

Today there is a post I wrote about making some of your very own prompt cards to get the creative juices flowing.  You can read all about it by going over to the Gel Press blog: or by clicking on this link.

Just in case you are wondering here is a complete list of all the supplies I used to make the cards:

Gel Press Reusable Gel Printing Plate (I used the 3 x 5)*
Old Business cards (my own)
Testors Craft Paints (Mat: Deep Plum, Ruby, Black) and (Metallic: Silver, Gold)**
Tombow Stamp Runner Dot Adhesive*
Ranger's Archival Black Ink
Self-Laminating Cards (Dollarama)
Rubber Stamp (From my stash)
White Printer paper (My stash)

*   I received products as part of a contractual or financial agreement
** products were given to me for free

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