Thursday, March 17, 2016

How To Make Cat Toys Easily

How do you make stuffed toys for your favorite feline when you don't have a lot of time?  Well, you use wonderful fabric that doesn't require finished edges.

                                        Not a real cat, just a Body Double, with the faux Fish.

Hi, I am so excited to share this post with you today about how I have been doing projects like crazy with this excellent Oly Fun Metallic fabric from Fairfield. This post is also part of the Blog Hop going on with the Designers from the Designers  Crafts Connection.  I was so fortunate to receive some samples and some large cuts of their newest line.  Let me tell you a bit about the cloth.
The New Metallic Oly*Fun™ is a Multi-Purpose Craft Material.  The product details are: "Shimmer, sparkle, and shine.  Innovative craft material in hot metallic hues. Great for crafts, costumes, accessories and playful home decor.  Easy to cut and sew.  Does not fray." (by Fairfield)

                                                 available at:

So although my cat has many stores bought toys, I wanted to make her something special, and when I opened the box that the Fairfield sent me, and I saw all that shining goodness,  I knew I had to make my fur baby a new toy.  You see my precious furball goes nuts over anything that has shine or sparkle; she will snag anything she finds that has any glitter.  Then she can play hunting until she drops from exhaustion.  The exercise is good for her, and the entertainment is free for us.

                                                                    The Model Fishing.

To make the Faux Fish Cat Toy I started by drawing out a fish shape on a scrap piece of paper.  I did not feel the need for accuracy as this is a toy for a pet after all.

 I created my pattern and glued the pieces to some scrap cardboard.  I cut out the thick pieces.

 I temporarily adhered then to the Oly Fun in Red with my Temporary Tape Runner adhesive from Tombow.  I found this was easier than putting pins through thick cardboard and into the shiny fabric.  The tape runner worked very well.  Note that the adhesive just rolls right off the fabric by rubbing with your finger.

I cut out the pieces I needed.

I sewed the fish body together while leaving an opening.  The unsewn section made it possible to stuff the body of the fish with some batting.

 Before I completed the stitching, I sprayed some liquid Catnip inside.

 I chose to use my pinking shears to add some details.

Finally, I made the eyes with some Puffy Fabric Paint.

Products used:
Oly*Fun (Red) * given to me by Fairfield
Batting (stash)
Cat Nip (stash)
Puffy Paint (stash)
Thread (stash)
Tombow Repositionable Adhesive (given to me as part of the #TombowPro Brand Ambassador program)
Stuffed Toy Cat (my son)
Real Cat (ours) *will play with anything for free

  ********I ve entered this and 3 other projects in the Fave Crafts Best Blogger contest HERE*****
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There is a giveaway for the hop.  Woot Woot!  You can enter by entering via the Rafflecopter widget on the DCC blog.  Leave a comment on my blog AND the DCC blog to enter.  The winner will receive ONE bolt of OLY*Fun metallic in one of the colors in picture below.

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